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Fuego Electric Lighter 

All the Strengths of a Butane Lighter. None of its Weaknesses.

2500 mAh Power

Quickly brings you to optimal cigar lighting temperature.

1-Inch Diameter

Light any cigar 62-ring gauge or smaller, perfectly.

The Perfect Light

Eliminates deep interior burns, cigar wrapper runs, and canoeing you would get from flames and torch lighters.

Fuego Cigar Electric Lighters with Heating Coil

Windproof Lighter

Take it to the golf course, beach, boat, or anywhere outdoors.

USB Lighter

Battery-powered, flameless, butane free, and USB rechargeable.

Safe for Travel

Unscrew the heating coil from the battery and you’re ready to go.

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Fuego Cigar Lighter Kit

Electric Lighter Coils
Fuego USB Lighter
Cigar Lighter Kit include heater, USB cable cleaning brush
Fuego Electric Lighter Battery
Cigar Lighter Kit
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Fuego Electric Lighter Video

Fuego Electric Lighters are innovative and new to the market. Unlike a torch lighter that everyone knows how to use; the vast majority of people do not know or fully understand how to use their Fuego Electric Lighter properly. Instructions are included with every Fuego product sold. However, when it comes to new products and technology, we believe the best way we can educate the general public is to show you. There are several videos available that go over unboxing, instructional use, how-to, tips, tricks, troubleshooting, new products, and other varying topics with new content being added regularly.

Everything You Want in a Cigar Lighter

The Fuego Cigar Lighter gives you everything you could want in a lighter. They have push-button controls that are simple to use. These USB rechargeable lighters are powered by lithium-ion batteries. You can take them with you on your travels. They are flameless lighters that are great for outdoor use. It will light any cigar or cigarillo that is 62-ring gauge (1-inch diameter) or smaller. The grill of a Fuego heating coil reaches hundreds of degrees in seconds. Because the grill is flat it will light the surface of your cigar foot. This eliminates burning deep into the cigar and runs up the side of the wrapper that you would normally experience using a soft flame or torch lighter. Ignition happens at lower temperatures than with other types of lighters. Because of this, you will find a difference in the taste and aroma profile of your cigar that is most noticeable while you are lighting it. Heating coil maintenance is easy. You can replace a Fuego heating coil faster and with far less hassle than refilling a butane lighter. Most importantly, Fuego Electric Lighters make the process and experience of lighting a cigar easier and more enjoyable while maintaining the most important steps to achieving a perfect light. Every time.
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FUEGO LUX Electric Lighter Gift Set

High-Performance Lighter Battery

Premium Variable Voltage Lighter Battery with Digital Display

Adjustable Power

Wattage Output: 5W – 80W, Temp. Range: 200°-600°F/100°-315°C, Powered by 2200mAh Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Impact & Water Resistant

The travel cigar case and the battery.

Premium Cigar Lighter Travel Kit

Rugged & Ergonomic Design

Acts tough and looks good doing it.

Complete Gift Set

1 80W/2200mAh MOD Battery, 2 Heating Coils, 1 brush, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Cherry Picker, and a space for your favorite cigar (Cigar Tin NOT INCLUDED).

Travel Friendly

Compact, Cushioned, and ready to go wherever you go.

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The Fuego Story.
Fuego Electric Lighters are undoubtedly one of the cool lighters to have in your cigar accessory collection. The original intent was to create a cigar lighter that would light an entire cigar foot easily. Little did the inventors know they were going to create something that delivered much greater value that went far beyond the reason they created it. What brought about this great innovation? What did they discover? How did this electric lighter become one of the must-have cool lighters in your collection? Read on and find out.
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The Right Way to Relight Cigars

US Patented Design

The Fuego Cherry Picker U.S. Patent #000002

Smooth-Edged Scoop Head

Ergonomic Tip design to prevent poking or tears

Stability Control Handle

Engineered with comfort,  stability, and accuracy in mind

The Cherry-Picker Relighting Cigars Tool

Stainless Steel Construction

Made with high-grade stainless steel to withstand high temperatures

Compact Size

Super Small, compact size to fit easily into cigar case

Removes Hot Ash & Debris

Engineered to remove Hot Cherry without damaging the cigar

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