Heating Coils Replacement 2-Pack, for Fuego Electric Lighters

Heating Coils Replacement

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FUEGO Heating Coils Features
  • Replacement Heating Coils for Your Fuego Electric Lighter
  • Universal 510 Thread Design
  • Works with Many Vape Batteries
  • Premium Alternative to Butane
  • For Cigars 62-Ring Gauge (1-inch) or Smaller
  • US Patent Pending

In stock


The dually-packaged replacement burner plates for FUEGO ROBUSTO CIGAR LIGHTERS.

There is no doubt Fuego Electric Lighter Heating Coils are amazing feats of technology. They take lighting a cigar to the next level. They aren’t like the car lighters of old where you need to quickly push, press, mash, or smash the grill to get a light. It is a smooth process that requires little effort. Regular cleaning and proper use go a long way to preserving the lifespan of your heating coils. However, lifespan is user-dependent and even the most careful of users will eventually burn out their coil from natural wear and tear. Frequency and style of use can be the difference in needing to replace your heating coils every few weeks verse every few months. When you feel you are getting close to the end of your heating coil’s lifecycle you can purchase replacement coils.

We have conveniently packaged heating coils in a two-pack so you can replace your heating coil and have a second one as a back-up. If you are on your second coil in your two-pack; it is time to reorder. One of the pleasing aspects of replacing your heating coil is that it brings your Fuego Electric Lighter to like-new condition. It is as simple as unscrewing your old heater and screwing on a new one.

Fuego Electric Lighter is a premium alternative to butane. The burner plates have many unique features. They are built with a five-ten thread screw. This screw makes them compatible with other handheld 510 mod batteries. It greatly increases the level of personalization you can achieve with your electric lighter.

The grill is made of a thin metal compound. It was developed to be able to handle rapidly-rising, extreme temperatures. The grill pattern is designed to receive energy, turn it into heat, and evenly distribute that heat. This energy and heat travel throughout the entire grill in seconds. You can light cigars that are sixty-two ring gauge or smaller (one inch in diameter). The lightweight metal cylinder surrounding the grill is vented to increase airflow over and through the grill for both heating and cooling.

Additional information

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.35 × 2.5 in

Standard 510 Thread Screw


62 Ring Gauge / 1 Inch

Coil Dimensions:

1.1 x 1.1 x 0.92 in – 28 x 28 x 24 mm

3 reviews for Heating Coils Replacement

  1. C.C.

    very easy to use – works as intended, dad loves it, very easy to use, it makes sense why you have to push the button 5 times, imagine carrying in your pocket!!!

  2. Nigel

    Great idea! I was impressed with the build quality and usage – each coil lasts me more than month! No more refills, burning fossil fuel. Rechargeable and a nice round light.

  3. Customer

    Works great! My dad loves this product. He smokes 2-3 cigars per day and uses the Fuego lighter every time. I’ve got replacement plates after 2 months and lighter is firing as new!

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