Fuego LUX Electric Lighter Gift Set


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The Lux Electric Lighter Gift Set Contains

  • Luxury Electric Lighter Travel Ready Gift Set
  • Digital Display Lets You See Power & Battery Life
  • Power Adjustable from 5W to 80 W
  • Impact & Water-Resistant Battery & Cigar Case
  • Everything the Original Fuego has and More!

*Cigar & Cigar Tin – NOT INCLUDED


The Fuego Lux Electric Lighter gift set is a premium version of the original Fuego Lighter. This inclusive kit has everything the cigar aficionado could want. It is an impact and water-resistant hard cigar case. There are two locking clips that create an airtight seal when closed. The slim and compact design includes a grip handle that makes it easy to take with you. It has foam cushioning to protect all of its internal components. There is space cutout to hold your favorite cigar. It comes with two proprietary Fuego Heating Coils, a micro USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, a 80w mod with an internal battery, and our patented Cherry Picker.

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Fuego Lux electric lighter gift set comes in a variety of color options for included Mod batteries. Each color option has its own unique leather, binding, and metallic finishes. These mods are powerful 80 Watt units that have an internal, rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery through the built-in micro USB port or you can remove the battery and use an external charger for rapid charging. It has a digital screen so you can see how much battery life you have left. There are push buttons so you can adjust your power settings to get the level of intensity you want from your Fuego Electric Lighter with ease. The mod battery casing is impact resistant and waterproof.

Two Fuego heating coils are included in the Lux electric lighter gift set. They will keep the proverbial fire burning. The Cherry Picker will remove ash and hot debris from your cigar. With this unique cigar accessory, you will always be able to relight right. The cleaning brush will help you maintain your heating coils until you decide its time to replace them. Your 80W MOD battery will give you the perfect light, every time. And, the micro USB charging cable will keep your battery powered-up and ready to go.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 6.5 × 2.5 in


Wattage Output:

5W – 80W

Temperature Range:

200°-600°F / 100°-315°C

Power Source:

Powered by 2200mAh Built-In Rechargeable Battery

2 reviews for Fuego LUX Electric Lighter Gift Set

  1. Steven Khan

    A great product. I play golf 5 times a week and this lighter is a must own for cigar smokers. The heater plate gets totally red right the way and will light any cigar in seconds. In Florida it gets windy and it does not even slow down this baby. No more hiding behind trees to get out of the wind.

  2. Andrew

    Excellent Cigar lighter and good looking! The battery was smaller than I was expecting, but that was a bonus, so I can carry it in my bike vest pocket. Im keeping the case for travel. Good stuff!

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