Fuego x Palio Triple Torch Refillable Butane Lighter


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Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

  • Flame Adjustable
  • Refillable, Butane Operating, Torch Lighter
  • High Performance Triple Torch Butane Lighter
  • Great Quality and feel for a great Value
  • Added Cooling vents
  • Easy Ignition operation
  • Affixed Torch cover
  • Hefty Lighter without being heavy

In stock


Fuego Palio Triple Torch Refillable Lighter

Fuego Lighters has been getting lots of requests to make a multi torch cigar lighter. So the company teamed up with Palio to make a not only stylish but truly amazing torch lighter that offers lots of performance, great quality, and feel at a value price.

This unique lighter is a Triple Torch using very high-quality jets strategically placed in a triangle layout to effectively light large cigars in no time. It is flame adjustable and has ventilation ports so the lighter doesn’t get hot and you can ramp up the power to meet your external conditions. The Lighter has a solid hefty feel without coming off as heavy and with is angular curves and unique shape feels great in the hands and even greater in action.

The 2 position Cover Flips over easily to expose the jets and doesn’t run the risk of the opening while in the closed position. The ignition is easy to activate with the perfect resistance and lights consistently without misfires. Overall the Fuego Palio Triple torch lighter is as much power and performance as one can need in a butane powered cigar lighter without going over budget.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

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